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Painted Auto Body Parts is a company with long history in the provision of all kinds of auto body parts. We have supplied continental USA with quality products for more than a decade. Through our services we have established our name as a synonym of perfection. We believe that the client is above all, which is why it is our goal to supply you with products, which we don’t overprice, but offer at them at cheap rates. In order to make our services thorough and add another layer of convenience for you, we offer our auto body parts only with the option to get them painted in the exact color of your car. This saves you time and worries, as you don’t need to look for a different company for such a service. With more than 80,000 discounted auto body parts, Painted Auto Body Parts has you covered. In our growing catalog, you will find a wide assortment of mirrors, fenders, hoods, front and rear bumpers, head lights, tail lights and grills among many other parts for your vehicle. To make sure of your safety, we only sell parts with guaranteed quality and all orders are quickly dispatched, so you can get your vehicle fixed in the shortest time possible.


All the parts we offer are painted. You can choose your own color so it can match your vehicle, making it easier for you to have a part that you can directly replace.


Painted Auto Body Parts offers shipping to every part of Continental USA. Your order can be placed through our website ONLY via a simple process (PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT TAKE ORDERS OVER THE PHONE FOR SECURITY REASONS). After you order your selected part, we will make sure to send it as fast as possible. If you have any questions, please contact us at 630-458-0082 or through our Live Chat.


We from Painted Auto Body Parts know how important it is for our clients to have reliable replacement parts. But having to pay too much for them often deters people, making them choose lower quality products. What we have done instead is to provide you with premium parts with discounts of up to 40-70% off dealer prices.




"This company knows exactly how to do things right! The staff was friendly and helped me with finding the right part for my car! I am recommending them to all of my friends!"
- Barbara W.

"I ordered a new bumper for my car and asked them to paint it. The guys have done the job perfectly and delivered my bumper faster than I have expected."
- John M.

"I am an owner of a car repair station and I had the need to find a constant supply of quality parts. At Painted Auto Body Parts I got the best price and quality. I don’t have to worry anymore, I just order and know that I am paying for the best!"
- George T.

"Few months ago, I had some trouble with my front right door and I came across this website. I found a door here and ordered it. They delivered the door wrapped up in the next few days. I will definitely use them again if I need a new part!"
- Amy S.

"I had no idea that I can find OEM parts so cheap. The guys at Painted Auto Body Parts work with quality parts and give really good price. If you need something, you will find it here!"
- Charles C.

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